Mississippi Edition

In a continued effort to provide relevant, interesting and engaging programming to our statewide audience, MPB Think Radio provides Mississippi Edition, a weekday news magazine program. Mississippi Edition, hosted by Desare Frazier, features the latest news of the day and interviews with the people who are making the news themselves.

The program not only provides Mississippi news but also addresses the ways that national and world news affects our state. Desare Frazier as she shares the latest on Mississippi news, culture, and current events.

Karen Brown

While hosting "Mississippi Edition" I've had the pleasure and honor of talking with two U.S. Presidents, five Mississippi Governors, past and present Senators and Congressmen, legislators, educators, health care experts, activists, authors, artists, musicians and performers. But, honestly, it's been conversations with Mississippians from all walks of life who face challenges and triumphs that have been the most gratifying. We went on the air ten years ago with the goal of telling the stories of Mississippi and Mississippians. I think we have.