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Mississippi Edition

02/23/2024: Education Formula | Congressman and Students | Teacher Job Vacancies

Lawmakers in the state Senate want to fix the formula used to fund public k-12 schools, while lawmakers in the House want to scrap it altogether. 

Then, Mississippi's Second District Congressman is meeting with students to discuss political engagement.

Plus, teachers' groups are calling on the state legislature to take action in filling job vacancies in Mississippi.

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  • 04/16/2024: Lawsuit against School | Micro-preemies | "Exvangelicals" Book

    Attorneys claim a 15 year old student from Canton was physically assaulted by her school's resource officer.Then, healthcare experts say getting pregnancy health screenings can greatly increase the survivability of very premature births.Plus, a new book shares the experience of an NPR journalist who left the evangelical church.
  • 04/15/2024: State Insurance Exchange | Crawfish Prices | Tax Deadline Day

    Some Mississippi lawmakers want to replace the federal health insurance exchange with a state-based one.From the Gulf States Newsroom, crawfish prices skyrocketed this season. Farmers and fishermen are struggling as they try to sell the little crawfish they’ve been able to catch.Plus, the deadline to file taxes is midnight on Monday, April 15th.
  • 04/12/2024: INSPIRE Act Revived | Jackson Water Billing | Plastics Manufacturing

    The Mississippi House is reviving their education funding bill, despite Senate efforts to block it.From the Gulf States Newsroom: Jackson has struggled to keep drinking water safe and affordable. Now, the city's taking a new approach through one of the nation's oldest safety nets.Plus, billions of taxpayer dollars are being used to fund plastics manufacturers that pollute. That's according to a new report from the Environmental Integrity Project.
  • 04/11/2024: Goon Squad State Sentences | Medicaid in Alabama | 21st Annual Juke Joint Festival

    State courts are handing down sentencing for six former Rankin County law enforcement officers for their attack and torture of two black men.From the Gulf States Newsroom: Medicaid expansion could provide health coverage to many in Alabama. Advocates say folks without it are struggling, and providers are feeling the strain.Plus, organizers are kicking off day 1 of the 21st annual Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale. 
  • 04/10/2024: Severe Storms | MDOT Financial Needs | PERS Bill in the Senate

    Severe thunderstorms are sweeping through Mississippi today. We're speaking to the National Weather Service.Then, the Mississippi Department of Transportation says they need more funding to keep the state's roads and bridges safe.Plus, the debate continues on if Mississippi lawmakers should intervene in the state employees' retirement system.
  • 04/09/2024: Child Abuse Awareness | March Madness | Medicaid Discussions

    Thousands of Mississippi children are abused and neglected in our state every year. The attorney general's office and child advocacy groups are partnering to put a stop to the abuse.   Then, March Madness is over, but many schools across the region got the chance to compete in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. How does getting a shot at the championship impact smaller schools beyond the basketball court.Plus, Will Mississippi lawmakers be able to reach a compromise on closing the state's healthcare gap--by expanding Medicaid?
  • 04/08/2024: Jackson Gang Violence Crackdown | Congressman Thompson's words on Israel Hamas war | Solar Eclipse and Eyes

    Federal prosecutors are helping to crack down on gang violence in Jackson.Then, the war between Israel and Hamas has led to thousands of casualties among civilians. Mississippi's 2nd District Congressman says it risks the long-standing relationship between the US and Israel.Plus, doctors say you need to wear protective glasses when looking at the solar eclipse today, even if it's cloudy.
  • 04/05/2024: Ballot Harvesting Bill | Jackson Notify Next-of-kin | Ida B Wells Descendent

    Lawmakers want to redefine what constitutes illegal 'ballot harvesting' in Mississippi.Then, the federal government is stepping in to help Jackson notify next-of-kin when someone dies. Plus, a descendent of Ida B Wells shares how she is trying to keep her great-grandmothers 'legacy alive'.
  • 04/04/2024: State Superintendent | Everyone can be a lobbyist | Solar Eclipse Tips

    The Mississippi Senate is set to confirm Dr. Lance Evans as the next State Superintendent of Education. Then from the Gulf States Newsroom, formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones are learning how to get facetime with their state lawmakers and advocate for change.Plus, the solar eclipse is just a few days away, and astronomers say it will be years until another one passes near Mississippi.