Mississippi Edition


10/15/20 - Medical Marijuana Debate | Census Order to Halt | Book Club: White Lies

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Surrogates for the two medical marijuana initiatives take center stage in a televised debate.

Then, the Supreme Court decides to halt the 2020 Census.

Plus, in today’s book club, an NPR podcast producer tackles what’s behind claims of legacy and heritage in defending monuments of the confederacy.

Segment 1:

Mississippians will be deciding whether medical marijuana should be legal in the state when they head to the polls next month. Last night, MPB News hosted a live televised debate to examine the two ballot initiatives - 65 and 65A - voters will have the opportunity to choose from. Here is Angie Calhoun, representing Medical Marijuana 2020 and Jim Perry of the State Board of Health with Wilson Stribling moderating.

Segment 2:

Mississippians have until tonight to complete the 2020 Census. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to end the count early; after a lower court had extended the deadline. Mississippi’s census response rate is 60 percent. Kayla Kane with the Southern Poverty Law Center tells our Desare Frazier the decision was a shock.

Segment 3:

The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates there are more than 1,700 public symbols of the confederacy still in place in the U.S. Connor Towne O’Neill produces the NPR podcast and Pulitzer Prize finalist “White Lies.” In his book, Down Along with That Devil's Bones, O’Neill examines the relationship between confederate symbols and white supremacy. He lays the groundwork with Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.